SEO Ranking Reports

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rr_thumbTopSpot™ SEO Ranking Reports


As a key management component of our TopSpot™ SEO Program, we provide you with complete search engine ranking reports each and every quarter.


TopSpot™ Ranking Reports are comprehensive positioning reports that will show you exactly where your website is ranked at any given time among the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and more.

Each quarterly report will compare your current results with previous results so you may review any changes in ranking between the two dates. This will give you the power to manage your key terms going forward and ensure you’re getting the best possible results based on the best possible key terms available to you.

Our TopSpot™ Ranking Technology is the most advanced and effective way to improve your search engine rankings! And now with these Ranking Reports, you will be able to see your results with your own eyes!