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Committed to one-on-one, personalized service.

Your impression on others must be a positive one to ensure success! If you are able to accomplish this with our design concepts in hand and on screen, then we’ve done our job. We will not rest until we reach that goal!

We are committed to one-on-one, personalized service! We’ll work with you through your entire Web Development, SEO, and Branding Project. From basic strategy, design layout, and implementation, to deployment and ongoing management. We will maintain the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency to ensure that your projects are implemented on time and on budget.

  • We use the latest compliant web standards and technology.
  • We integrate all your marketing initiatives into one standardized Brand Identity.
  • We offer thorough graphic design, photography and marketing services.
  • Our sites are uniquely original with no templates or recycled content.
  • We GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction.

Together, we can find the right solution for your company!

Web Design Springfield MA


web designLocated in Western Massachusetts, we offer all levels of custom Web Development and Scripting for businesses of any size and competency.

Complete packages include all facets of  Website Design and Development, Graphic Design and Branding, Wordsmith and Copy Procurement, and anything else related to having a professional and easy to use website presence for your business.

We’re committed to your one hundred percent satisfaction.

searchenginesAfter we’ve designed your website, let us help you gain top ranking in Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, MSN and more with our industrial grade Search Engine Optimization Technology we call TopSpot™ Ranking!

As part of our SEO service, you will receive comprehensive search engine ranking reports every quarter. These are comparable with each other to show you exactly where your website is ranked among the major search engines and where you’ve moved up from the prior report.

Complete with color charts and graphics, you’ll have all the information you need to manage your search engine ranking!

ecommerceWe specialize in the most comprehensive e-commerce technology available today. Everything you need to sell your products, services, or donation requests, safely and securely.

Manage your inventory in-house. Offer your products or services across multiple categories and variations.

Are you a non-profit organization? No problem, you can request donations and charitable giving through our e-commerce technology as well.

Accept major credit cards, PayPal, offline ordering or a combination of them all. Comprehensive inventory and order management system affords you complete control over your online store.

social mediaFacebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and many more! Social Media Marketing can be extremely confusing when assessing which social networks will give you the best value for your dollar and attention.

By assessing the nature of your business and the demographic of each Social Network, we can help you decide which social media platform would add the most value to your business. From there, we’ll help you manage and grow your social message, combining individual strategies and initiatives to take advantage of the eyes and ears across the right platforms for you.

We have the answers and the strategy for you!

logosDoes your brand reflect the quality of your products, or the professionalism of the services you provide? We can help improve your brand ID on all platforms.

We’ll help you align a visual message with your business, giving your customers a cohesive understanding of who you are and the solutions you offer.

Already happy with your corporate ID? No problem, perhaps you’d like to enhance that visual or apply it to current platforms such as mobile devices with retina resolution, because in the tech world, the future already exists in the present!

Web HostingAt NorthernLogics, not only do we offer a dedicated Hosting Plan that will custom-fit your needs, we also provide FREE additional interactive and functional features as a “value-add” to all our clients! Features such as traffic stats, unlimited email accounts and aliases, SPAM protection, and more.

Rest assured, your website will enjoy 99.9% uptime with our redundant server solutions and active power generators. We actively monitor all our clients’ websites 24/7 on our secure servers, and we are available to answer any questions you may have along the way.


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