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Supports tangible items, downloadable software, as well as service-related e-commerce such as contributions and charitable donations.

Shopping Cart Features

  • Supports categorization of shop items for large shops and also has the capability to split categories into pages with a specified number of items. This speeds up loading for categories with a large number of images.
  • Supports gift certificates of all denominations.
  • The size of your inventory is only limited by the memory available to your shop program. A reasonable amount would be up to 10,000 items.
  • Built in inventory control with automatic email to the shop owner, and back order or out of stock functions.
  • Built-in search engine.
  • Every item listing may include multiple item images.
  • Shopping cart follows the shopper on any browser for a single session.
  • Cookies allow carts to persist between sessions for those who choose to use them
  • Cookies only store a cart ID number. No personal client information is stored in the cookie or in the cart itself.
  • Custom pull-down lists, and may also include a user-definable text field for additional customization (such as monogramming, etc).
  • Includes support for a “sale price” field to assign temporary sales to items. Customers will see both the original and sale price when shopping so they know they are getting a discount.


Ordering Features Built into the Shopping Cart:

  • Supports sales tax and a number of shipping calculation options.
  • Supports fully custom extra-cost shipping options in addition to standard shipping calculations. Customer shipping calculator available.
  • Supports off-line orders via printed order forms.
  • Supports credit card and online check orders through a secure server.
  • Orders are mailed to the shopkeeper securely through PGP encryption.
  • Fraudulent credit-card numbers are rejected automatically.
  • Available support for online credit-card processing and real-time e-commerce through a transaction server and gateway.


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